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Omni-Channel Digital Advertising for Retailers

Link digital campaigns to in-store actions with location-based digital marketing campaigns.

Generate revenue across channels

As a bricks-and-mortar retailer with an active ecommerce website, you’re looking for new ways to drive revenue across channels — from digital, to mobile, to the mall. How can you draw local, mobile users into your bricks-and-mortar stores? And how do you incentivize your in-store customers to buy online?

We’ve got you covered. Our in-house digital marketing specialists build and manage successful, location-targeted, cross-platform digital marketing campaigns for retailers big and small. From small and local to big and global, we apply proven strategies and new tools to engage your customers across devices, channels and neighbourhoods. Ask us for a free proposal.

Drive ecommerce sales with:


Advertise your products to mobile customers who are near your bricks-and-mortar store.


Benefit from cross-channel campaigns that connect in-store actions to your digital content and promotions.


Drive more targeted traffic from Google and Bing with paid search engine advertising (SEM).


List your products and product images on Google Shopping and in the Google search results.

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