A 621% increase in ecommerce revenue never looked this fit

Introducing Lolë

Launched in 2010, Montreal’s Lolë is quickly becoming a major global yoga and activewear brand. The retailer was seeking an agency that could set a clear vision to hit growth goals for their online and brick and mortar stores. Lolë contacted us with a clear request. They wanted better communication, better strategic support (and of course, better results) from their marketing agency.


Completely rebuild the campaigns to increase efficiency and relevancy to drive sales and increase exposure.

  • Existing campaigns required a major rebuild to target the right customer demographics
  • Campaigns were inefficient; we needed to trim the fat and reduce unnecessary costs
  • They needed a market expansion strategy to increase sales and market share

Solution: Close Collaboration

We established a deep understanding of Lolë’s business and target markets. Together we defined the strategies required to meet the retailer’s business objectives.

This enabled us to identify opportunities and effectively promote new products and events.

We established the collaborative agency relationship Lolë was looking for.

  • Strategically restructured existing AdWords campaigns
  • Implemented new campaigns: non-branded, shopping and RLSA
  • Introduced new platforms, including Facebook and Bing Ads
  • Improved targeting aligned with customer demographics
  • Collaboration with Lolë to strategically address market shifts
  • Launched new campaigns to promote product launches and events

Designed for today’s active urban woman, Lolë creates fun, feminine, and beautifully designed activewear.

Thanks in part to our rich collaboration, Lolë is quickly becoming one of the world’s most beloved yoga and sports wear brands.

The result: Ecommerce revenue increased 621%

Taking the time to fully understand Lolë’s business enabled us to attract the right customer, via the right channel, at the right time.

Over two years, Lolë increased their investment in pay per click by 585%, and experienced a spectacular 621% increase in ecommerce revenue.

  • Lolë saved 26% on advertising costs
  • Overall revenue increased by more than 76%
  • Ecommerce revenue increased 621% over two years

Paul Errandonea

Web Director

It’s no surprise that you outperform your goals when you are working with the best.