Case Study

Innovative Search Tactics + Advanced Targeting = 400% increase in ROAS.

Introducing Polysleep

In the last few years, the mattress industry was overthrown with new players offering a whole new shopping and shipping experience for online customers. Polysleep offers high quality, 100% made in Canada, mattresses in a box: a convenient way for customers to get their mattresses delivered right to their door. Their products are developed and distributed from their Montreal manufacturer to cut non-valuable costs for their customers.


Polysleep has been around for nearly 2 years and, since its start, has been trying to build brand awareness to compete with strong industry leaders all over Canada. Mattresses are a complex product to sell because of their higher price point, their long research process and their longevity. Our client needed a powerful Google search advertising strategy to increase sales volume and reach high intent customers while keeping an adequate CPA.

  • Build brand awareness in an highly-competitive market.
  • Reach in-market audiences to increase sales while keeping a profitable cost-per-acquisition.


Capitalize on high-intent users searching for their brand or their products.

Here’s what we did:
  • Mix standards audience targeting such as location and age with advanced targeting options based on industry-specific characteristics (newlyweds, movers, etc.).
  • Drive potential clients down the funnel by targeting relevant generic keywords and previous website visitors.
  • Use Google’s automated tools such as smart bidding strategies, Responsive Search Ads, Remarketing List Search Audience, etc.

The result: ROAS increased

In a few months, we were able to boost Polysleep’s revenue while decreasing their advertising cost on Google Search Ads.

  • +488% increase in conversion rate for Google Search Campaigns
  • -32% decrease in cost for Google Search Campaigns

Jeremiah Curvers

CEO and Co-Fonder

“Google offers amazing platforms to reach an ever growing and educated audience. Bloom proved to be the right partner by allowing our mattress brand to connect with the right people that were seeking a better sleeping experience.”

How can we make your business bloom?


We generated:


increase in ecommerce revenue


increase in conversion rate; ad views goal reached in less than a week.


increase in the monthly volume of signups from AdWords & Facebook Ads