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Cutting-edge Social Advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Even with the billions of daily Facebook and Instagram users, it can be a challenge to reach them from a marketing standpoint. A good social media strategy no longer implies solely posting content or overspending in an attempt to drive people to your Facebook page, hoping to send them to your website.

Your Facebook and Instagram strategy should be built on a solid foundation: performance-based visuals (stories, reels, videos), defined audiences, creative copy, clear account structure, flexible budget allocation, diverse ad placements, and more.

By testing opportunities, optimizing campaigns, measuring results and following best practices, we deliver a bulletproof social strategy and the best possible performance. Our social specialists ensure your goals are met whether you are looking for awareness, conversions, or both.

Supporting your business through changes

With the iOS14 update, Facebook and other social apps encountered fundamental changes to the way they track their users and attribute conversions. Bloom’s team supports businesses through these changes while ensuring they are kept up to date with all new requirements and solutions.

Bloom is a Meta (Facebook) Business Partner

Bloom’s status as a Meta Business Partner enables the agency to continuously test new features, follow best practices and get additional support when needed. It allows Bloom to help businesses advertise, sell, engage and create through what is said to be the biggest digital ecosystem in the world.

Paid Social Capabilities

Bloom works hand-in-hand with your in-house team to plan and execute
top-performing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. 


  • Create Performance-Driven Creatives
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Write Engaging Ad Copy
  • Identify Qualified Audiences
  • Implement conversion tracking
  • Account set up
  • Ad creation


  • Budget reallocation
  • A/B Tests
  • Data-Driven Optimization


  • Create Report
  • Document findings
  • Analysis and Insights
  • Recommendations

Accelerate your Growth with Our Facebook Ads Agency

  • Work with bilingual Facebook and Instagram specialists experienced in local, national and international growth
  • Benefit from our experience in lead generation and e-commerce for multiple industries, including DTC, B2B, retail, SAAS, and more.
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