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Using the New Facebook Leads Center


Digital Marketing / October 27, 2020

What is The Facebook Lead Center?

We recently wrote about how using native lead generation forms on Facebook and LinkedIn was a great way to remove friction and improve conversion rates in lead generation campaigns. Today we’re going to talk about Facebook’s new tool: the Facebook Leads Center.

Leads Center acts as a CRM system built right into Facebook. You can populate it with contacts but running lead generation ads, or you can upload or manually input your existing contacts into Leads Center to store all your valuable prospects and customers right in Facebook. You can also easily connect it to your existing CRM and seamlessly pass you lead data back and forth as needed.

How to Access Facebook Leads Center

Finding the new Leads Center can be a bit tricky but there are a few ways to get to it. 

1. In Ads Manager, when you have a Lead Generation Campaign, at the ad level in the results column, you can click on the “On-Facebook Leads” link to download your leads. This will open a pop-up that lets you choose how you’d like to download, and “Use Leads Center” is the first option on that list.

2. You can also view the Leads Center from your Facebook Business Page, next to Inbox.

3. You can also access the Lead Center from Facebook Business Suite, under the Contacts tab.

Note: At the time of writing, we’ve noticed that some businesses that should have access to the Lead Center can’t seem to access the feature. Facebook mentioned that this feature might not be available to everyone just yet.

Populate your Leads Center with Lead Generation Campaigns

When you run a lead generation campaign on Facebook, you can now see all your leads right in the Leads Center, where previously you would have to download your leads form by form or ad by ad and arrange them manually or sort them in your CRM by using filters to see which of your contacts came from a Facebook Lead Gen campaign.

With Leads Center, all your leads are laid out in one convenient location, and you can easily filter through your list to find leads that came from specific forms, ads, or campaigns. The Leads Center also lets you assign ownership of a lead to people in your organization helping you streamline lead management.

Facebook also lets you integrate your lead ads campaigns directly to hundreds of third-party CRMs if you already have a solution in place, but we love how the new Leads Center keeps your Facebook leads organized so you can quickly verify if ever you missed a lead because of a broken connection or faulty setup.

Learn more about lead generation ads on Facebook in this article: Remove Friction With LinkedIn and Facebook Native Lead Gen Forms.

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