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We are a Premier Google Partner


Inside Bloom / July 13, 2016

Anyone can call themselves an agency and start managing Adwords campaigns for clients. But how do advertisers know who to hire? Who are the bonafide, experienced campaign managers and agencies, recognized for their dedication to performance marketing?

About a decade ago, Google realized the necessity of setting criteria to help clients find qualified agencies and campaign managers. Over the years, Google’s Certification and Partner programs have enabled agencies to qualify and add their names to a list of approved Adwords services providers.

Today’s Google Partner Program is an established certification and education framework that recognizes individuals and agencies as reliable and capable Adwords service providers.

Creating a top tier: Premier Partners

It became apparent that some agencies were more engaged with managing and selling Google products than others. They were, in a manner of speaking, dedicated Adwords agencies that were going deeper, spending more, and growing faster.

Google recently decided to engage further with these agencies. The company has divided its partners into two tiers — Google Partners, and Google Premier Partners — differentiating their agency partners based on several criteria:

  • Two Adwords-certified employees or contributors (instead of just one)
  • Meet a higher spend requirement across the agency’s managed accounts
  • Consistently meeting the performance requirement for Premier Partners

And Bloom is a Premier Partner

As a Google Partner, we have proven the length and breadth of our experience. Not only do we manage a high number of accounts, we are trusted with considerable advertising budgets, which we consistently turn into revenue for our clients.

Sorry to be blowing our own horn like this. Bloom has been a Google Partner since the early days of the program. But in announcing our Google Premier Partner status, we wanted to brag a little about how we got here. Ok here it is: we got here by spending a big part of our lives thinking, optimizing, sweating and learning inside the Adwords interface. And we got really good at it.

Which is why we now proudly carry the prestigious and hard-earned Premier Partner Badge on our website. Ask us how we can make your business Bloom.

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