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Our Agency’s Takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2022


Digital Marketing / May 26, 2022

On May 24th, 2022, Google hosted the Marketing Live event to share new best practices and their latest product innovations with marketers around the globe. Here’s a rundown of new features and best practices announced by Google during the event.


Google made it clear: advertisers need to go all-in on automation with broad match, smart bidding and responsive search ads to level up their search performance.

This is what Google called “The Trifecta of Automation”:

Creatives and Assets

In an effort to help advertisers share their stories through compelling creatives, Google announced new options for advertisers:

Auto-Generated Responsive Search Ads

New YouTube Shorts Ads including Video Action Campaigns and App Campaigns

Mobile-Friendly Full-Screen Layout for Display Ads

Auto-Generated Video Ads

Video in the Discover Feed

New Asset Library to Regroup Logos and Assets


Google strives to offer a more immersive and visual shopping experience on its search engine. They introduced core Shopping updates such as:

1. Checkout directly from a listing on Google Shop

2. A new swipeable visual feed including rich images and descriptions

3. View 3D models of a product in Search

4. Shop from a product feed on YouTube Shorts and Search

5. See loyalty program directly on a Shopping Listing

Performance Max

Performance Max is Google’s newest campaign type. It allows advertisers to serve ads across all of Google’s properties (YouTube, Gmail, Display, Discover, Search, Maps) in a single campaign. During the event, Google mentioned upcoming updates like:

In-Store Goals: Optimize Performance Max campaigns for store traffic and in-store sales.

Experiment Tools: Measure incremental improvements in performance when you add Performance Max as a complement to existing campaigns.

Recommendations: Google will soon suggest optimizations to budget, targeting and asset groups for Performance Max campaigns.

Expanded Insights: To add more transparency on how automation works, advertisers will access additional insights on Performance Max Campaigns.


There was no doubt that privacy was going to be one of the key topics discussed during the event. They did touch on a few things, including:

My Ad Center: Google is launching innovations like My Ad Center which gives users more control of their privacy and online experience. They will be able to select which ad content they want to see more or less of. “We hope that My Ad Center will bring users more confidence and trust in advertising. And in turn, you can be confident that you’re talking to a relevant, engaged audience.”

Privacy-Safe Options for Targeting: Google is rolling out interest-based advertising and remarketing updates in Google Ads and DV360 later this year in an effort to reduce their reliance on third-party cookies.

Learn more Google Ads Best Practices

To learn more about Google’s current best practices, including Performance Max, check out our latest blog post “7 Best Practices for Google Ads in 2022” here.

To watch Google Marketing Live, click here.

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Marie-Joëlle Turgeon

Marie-Joelle works at Bloom, a digital marketing agency, as the Director of Marketing. She's passionate about digital marketing tactics (from social media to web design) for B2B businesses looking to grow online.

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