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Amazing New LinkedIn Ads Features


LinkedIn / February 23, 2017

B2B marketers can rejoice! LinkedIn is updating its ad platform by adding new features that will help businesses both refine their marketing efforts and better target their key customers. As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn is an ideal platform to reach and engage with business clients.

Everyone has struggled to advertise on LinkedIn but these new features will convert you!

Retargeting: Reconnect with potential customers

Yes that’s right! LinkedIn is adding remarketing to its platform! Using the LinkedIn Insight Tag (the same tag used for conversion tracking), advertisers will now be able to segment and re-target users who have visited specific parts of their website. Combined with the Audience Expansion option, you will also be able to target lookalike audiences on the platform (similar to that of Facebook).

Off-platform Sponsored Content: Extend your customer reach

Next on the list we have off-platform sponsored content. This is similar to the Search Partners Network on AdWords, but from what we’ve been told, it’s native ads through things like Sharethrough. Right now, this is just an “opt-in” feature and you can’t segment by placement (website or app), but using this in combination with the new remarketing features is extremely powerful.

Lead Gen Ads: Increased responsive marketing

‘Hallelujah’ say the lead gen marketers – at least that’s what I said! The in-ad lead gen feature allows potential customers to respond to a sponsored update by submitting their information via a CTA button below the image. This new feature will not only make it a lot easier for users to fill out forms, but it will also potentially increase conversion rates, especially on mobile devices. Those of you who are familiar with Lead Gen ads on Facebook will know how great these are.

CRM Integrations: Connect LinkedIn data with your CRM

Integrations with CRM systems like Salesforce are also on their way. Soon you will be able to have LinkedIn lead gen ads automatically update your CRM so Sales can act quickly to qualify the lead.

InMail for Self-Serve: Now available on basic accounts

InMail is now available on the platform without any minimum spends. Previously, it was only available on an IO basis for brands that had $10K to invest. Now, you can do this in their self-service platform.

Sponsored InMail messages are only delivered when members are on LinkedIn so viewability is very high. There are also strict frequency caps (like once every 60 days) to reduce spamability. We have found highly personalized messaging resonates best.

We’re very excited to test out these new features and keep you posted on our results. Tell us about your challenges, success stories or any feedback you may have on these new features.

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