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Highrise Makes for a Better Search Marketer


Tools / May 09, 2008

At least in our case! We’re always looking to find tools that help us do stuff quicker, better and more efficiently. We especially love things that allow us to streamline the day-to-day business tasks of running our search marketing agency and allow our team to focus on our clients and their paid search campaigns. One of those tools is Highrise by 37Signals – a web based CRM/Contact Manager. We looked at the different solutions out there to help us keep track of all the communications between our clients, suppliers, partners, and new business prospects.

What We Were Looking For

What we were looking for was a simple way to centralize our contacts and the interactions we have in collaborative way for our team. When the team at 37Signals launched Highrise last year, we were already familiar and using some of their other suite of solutions like Basecamp. We started testing out Highrise from day 1 and have never looked back!

Why We Love Highrise

Highrise is simple, effective and allows us to get down to business with a clean and highly efficient interface. We can quickly review the pulse of our communications, assign tasks to our team, and stay on top of time-sensitive and mission critical exchanges with our clients, partners and team members. Not to mention, it’s actually fun to use!

Not a week goes by that we are not recommending a client, partner or friend to try it out and see why we’re telling them that Highrise is truly a tool that enables you to focus on what you do best – in our case, making campaigns bloom!

Update: Thanks to the team at 37 signals for featuring this post on the Highrise Product Blog.

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