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AdWords Editor 6.5.1 Update Released


Tools / October 24, 2008

If you’re using AdWords Editor 6.5 to manage multiple accounts, you may have experienced some frustrations with the bugs discovered with the new Keyword Opportunities feature when loading an account as an MCC.

Well, it’s now fixed with the 6.5.1 update.

Keyword Opportunities

Sporting quite a few improvements, Version 6.5 added a new tool called Keyword Opportunities which helps you generate keyword ideas based on descriptive words or phrases within the Editor and copy or add them right into a new or existing adgroup.  You can learn more about the new feature here.

The only problem was the keyword opportunity tool didn’t work when loading an account through your My Client Center (MCC) login. Those affected – myself and our team included – saw the error message “Authentication Failed” when trying to use the tool. The only workaround was to load the account using the login of the “child account”.

What’s next?

Besides having recurring problems installing AdWords Editor over an existing version on Vista (to my knowledge, it’s still an issue but I don’t have that problem on Mac but they do keep changing a few key Mac shortcuts which is a real pain), using the Keyword Opportunities at the MCC level was in need of a fix.

Let’s hope with that out of the way, the next release will include First Page Bids and Quality Score.

See the release notes for Version 6.5.1.

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