Case Study

“Bloom maximized the growth of our business.”

Introducing TheSeptember

The September was created to fill a very real void in Canadian’s lives — the severe lack of designer shoes available domestically. Declaring war on unjust import taxes, The September expands the definition of “customer care.”


The September had the perfect business model. They had the perfect products. But they still needed to reach the perfect customers.
We needed to…

  • Reach the right customers at the right time when they’re ready to spend money
  • Generate direct sales from pay-per-click ads, not just from email
  • Increase volume and reduce cost of newsletter signups


The seed had been planted. They were ready to Bloom.

Here’s what we did:

  • Implemented lead generating and e-commerce strategies to target the right customers and increase sales
  • Introduced campaigns to reach those customers when they were ready to purchase using AdWords, Facebook and Bing
  • Increased newsletter signups through boosted campaigns to cash out on newsletter sales during surge events like Black Friday

Thanks to Bloom, The September now has the tools they need to get their expertly curated shoes onto the right feet. And the left ones, too.

All without import fees.

The result: Adwords revenue increased 80%

The September saw huge increases across the board.

  • 80% more year-over-year revenue from AdWords alone
  • 300% more conversion rate-bringing them well above industry average
  • 60% more transactions

Christine Carlton

Chief Executive Officer

“Bloom has been efficient, collaborative and proactive, and have maximized our growth as a business. They come very highly recommended.”

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