Case Study

Bloom made it easy to understand the constantly evolving world of digital marketing.

Mcgill University

McGill University is the #1 school in Canada. By far. Counting Rhodes Scholars, astronauts and Nobel laureates among their alumni, McGill needs no introduction. And their School of Continuing Studies continues to raise the bar for continuing education.


The McGill School of Continuing Studies was ready to make the move from traditional marketing to digital and online initiatives. And they wanted to do it strategically, while maximizing the return on their marketing budget.
We needed to…

  • Reach qualified potential students in the right way, at the right time
  • Find out what was working and what wasn’t
  • Increase conversion and reduce costs

Solution: increased brand presence

We knew our work was cut out for us.

Here’s what we did:

  • Set up extensive conversion tracking to keep track of online form submissions and traditional methods, like phone calls
  • Completely restructure their existing campaigns to reach the right students
  • Set up brand-new features on platforms like AdWords, Doubleclick, and Facebook, to give them a serious edge over competing universities
  • Gave them the right connections to ensure future success beyond the scope of this campaign

The result: Conversion rate increased 41%

The McGill School of Continuing Studies saw massively increased brand presence, leading to:

  • A 41% increase in conversion rate
  • A huge increase in visibility in key markets
  • The 3-month goal for ad views reached in less than a week

Elana Trager

Senior Marketing Communications Advisor McGill University School of Continuing Studies

It’s refreshing to work with an agency that gives you honest advice and makes it easy to understand the constantly evolving world of digital marketing.

Bloom has done an outstanding job at targeting the right audiences, while improving the tracking and attribution of conversion from our digital marketing initiatives.

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