Case Study

“Bloom understands what it takes to achieve our goals”

Introducing SURGE HOMES®

Surge Homes is an end-to-end luxury home developer, marrying impeccable design and quality builds. They live by their motto: Where Quality Meets Design. And that’s clearly visible in their homes.


Surge Homes are savvy advertisers. They know their audience, and they know digital marketing. But even the most experienced and skilled marketing professionals can benefit from a little optimization by seasoned experts. Surge Homes needed to attract new leads for a better price. Then they needed to convert those leads into paying customers.
We needed to…

  • Reduce the CPA (Cost per Lead)
  • Optimize the flow between keywords, ads, content, and landing pages
  • Keep leads on the site once they landed there


Once you’ve got potential customers visiting your website, the most important things are to make it easy for them to understand the value you provide and easy for them get in touch with you.

Here’s what we did:

  • Built highly focused PPC and Social Ad campaigns geared towards profitably maximizing leads from key markets
  • Set up landing pages that were fast, converted well, and were easy to run tests on
  • Implemented detailed tracking that let Surge Homes track leads end-to-end, from click to purchase

The result: We didn’t just meet our target numbers. We shattered them.

    Surge Homes saw:

  • A 200%+ increase in leads, for even less than the desired CPA
  • A 122% increase in conversion rate and lead volume
  • A 64% decrease in CPA

Aldo Siciliano

We have been working with the Bloom team for more than five years now. Throughout this period, they have played a critical role in helping us become leaders in both of the urban markets where we have chosen to develop our business.

We take great pride in our work and the team at Bloom understands what it takes to help us achieve our goals.

How can we make your business bloom?


We generated:


increase in ecommerce revenue


increase in conversion rate; ad views goal reached in less than a week.


increase in the monthly volume of signups from AdWords & Facebook Ads