Case Study

A Successful Brand Awareness
Campaign For QWEB

Meet QWEB!

Founded in 1996, the Quebec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB)  develops markets in America and abroad for Quebec’s wood products, ensures access to these products in different markets, and promotes the use of wood. The organization collaborates with more than 125 Canadian manufacturers to promote wood flooring around the world. Although typically focused on traditional marketing initiatives, QWEB turned to digital marketing in 2020 to reach a whole new market.


QWEB’s main purpose is to amplify the awareness around Quebec’s wood manufacturers and the benefits of real wood flooring in comparison to plastic options. Our digital experts needed to:

  • Reinforce the notoriety of hardwood flooring in Canada and the United States and highlight its intrinsic qualities compared to other flooring alternatives
  • Present the benefits of hardwood to consumers in order to convince them to choose real wood for their next project

The Solution: Reach QWEB’s Target Audiences Through Different Touchpoints On The Web

Our Web strategists created a tailored, multi-placement, media campaign to reach QWEB’s target audience on different websites, especially on pages relevant to home decor or renovation. The granular targeting available on programmatic platforms and social media made those tactics extremely relevant to QWEB’s strategy. Here’s what Bloom did:

  • Design eye-catching display banners that conveyed QWEB’s message clearly
  • Create a personalized landing page showcasing the benefits of hardwood and different wood suppliers
  • Define a relevant strategy to reach QWEB’s niche target audiences such as homeowners and professional construction workers
  • Launch a digital display advertising campaign on various platforms  such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and StackAdapt
  • Use search engine advertising to educate users actively seeking new flooring options

The Result: A Powerful Brand Awareness Campaign!

  • QWEB’s ads were displayed to its target audience over 6 million times at a $4.50 CPM
  • The average time spent on the landing page was 3:46 minutes. The average time spent on QWEB’s website for the same timeframe was 1:38 minutes
  • During the 2-month campaign, the number of sessions on the website increased by 225% compared to the previous period

Émilie Desmarais

Communications Director at the Quebec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB)

“Bloom’s team of digital experts launched a successful advertising campaign, they listened to our needs, met our expectations and demonstrated creativity and professionalism. The deadlines and budgets were respected.

I think Bloom is a team of dynamic, passionate, professional, proactive, people-oriented and efficient digital experts. And, they really listen to their clients’ needs. We built a strong professional relationship with this first campaign and we liked our experience so much that we decided to continue our partnership and launched a larger advertising project with a significant budget.”

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