Case Study

A Unified Cross-Channel Digital
Strategy For Polysleep

Meet Polysleep

Polysleep, a Montreal-based company, sells mattresses that have it all: antimicrobial foam, unparalleled support, premium foam, liquid-repellent cover and more. Plus, they are 100% made in Canada to ensure the quality of the products, while supporting the local economy. Polysleep sells mattresses directly to consumers through its website

The Challenge: Capture New Users

Since Bloom started working with Polysleep, their main challenge always revolved around how mattresses are an expensive and infrequent purchase. That’s why Polysleep needs to capture new and engaged prospects constantly. Plus, the mattress in a box market is incredibly competitive. Polysleep wants to capture market share as quickly as possible and be compared to the top players.

The Solution: A Unified Cross-Channel Digital Strategy

To help Polysleep drive net new users while keeping an acceptable cost per acquisition, we opted for a 360 approach. By advertising on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, StackAdapt, and Pinterest, we kept on growing the pool of potential customers. What we did:

  • Implement a cross channel strategy involving social, display, programmatic and search
  • Open up to new markets like the Maritimes
  • Unify creative assets to focus on one ongoing 20% off promotion to stabilize the CPA and let the algorithm complete its learning phase
  • Introduce programmatic advertising to help bring the cost per acquisition down and expand our top-funnel initiatives
  • Launch ad campaigns on Pinterest
  • Introduce one of Polysleep’s selling point in creatives and ad copy: the antibacterial mattress
  • Clean up every ad platform: refreshed ads, introduce new keywords, etc.

The Result: 7.5 average ROAS across channels from January to June 2020

  • +551% YoY increase in ROAS on Facebook Ads
  • -83% decrease in cost per purchase on Facebook Ads YoY
  • +355% increase in revenues from Google Ads YoY
  • +427% increase in ROAS on Google Ads YoY
  • -77% decrease in cost per conversion on Google Ads YoY

Jeremiah Curvers

Co-Founder and CEO

“The Bloom team always brings amazing ideas and is always open to suggestions. It allowed us to test and readjust and improve strategies very quickly.”

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