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Year-over-year conversions rise 150%

Buckle up for Lightspeed

Cloud-based point of sale (POS) system provider LightSpeed is growing fast, and it doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. The Montreal-based company is in its ninth year of operation and serves 20,000 retail outlets in more than 40 countries. It adds about 500 new customers each month. Until 2011, customer acquisition happened organically through word-of-mouth and referrals. But LightSpeed knew it could do more.


“There are about a million stores that could be using LightSpeed,” says JP Chauvet, the company’s chief revenue offcer. “We always want to be sure we’re not missing large segments of the market.”
To ensure it could maximize its reach, LightSpeed turned to Google AdWords, which today comprises 20 percent of its overall marketing e ort. The company selected Google partner Bloom Search Marketing to develop and manage its AdWords campaigns.
Working with Bloom, LightSpeed repeatedly meets—and often exceeds—its goal of expanding leads by 8 percent each month.
We needed to…

  • Maximizing conversions from ad clicks to customer registrations
  • Maintaining a low cost per conversion

Approach: Meticulous tracking drives optimal outreach

LightSpeed’s ongoing success with Google AdWords depends on the detailed campaign tracking that Bloom provides.

“We identify and isolate higher value keywords and ads so that we can distribute the budget to the best performing campaigns and maximize ROI”

Xurxo Vidal

Managing Director, Bloom

Each day Bloom, in collaboration with the digital marketing team at LightSpeed, reviews tracking leads generated by Google AdWords and Analytics to make ne-tuned adjustments to keywords, ad content, ad placement or any feature it needs to change to improve LightSpeed’s conversion numbers and make the most of its digital marketing dollars.

  • Daily adjustments to AdWords targets informed by detailed campaign tracking and analytics
  • Trialing all AdWords features then pairing down campaigns based on assessment of what works best
  • Continually incorporating new promotional ad content, including white papers, market forecasts and video

Key to Bloom’s approach has been the ability to test different AdWords components and assess instantly through the tracking functions their impact on LightSpeed’s growth.

Bloom has incorporated different vertical landing pages, customized content for certain audiences, Gmail outreach and YouTube content. With each addition it looks to see the effect on conversion rates, then tailors the campaigns to incorporate only the most in uential content.

The result: Maintaining the customer acquisition momentum.

  • Year-over-year conversions rise 150 percent
  • Cost per conversion falls 26 percent from 2013 to 2014
  • Hitting goal of generating 8 percent more customer leads each month

Moving forward, LightSpeed’s immediate goals remain the same: securing more conversions and acquiring more customers.

“We want cost per lead to stay where it is while we increase leads month over month. We’ll use all the features that AdWords offers us.”

JP Chauvet

Chief Revenue Officer

The granular level of tracking Bloom offers is key to digital marketing success. It’s also the best way to reach more target customers in an industry with a short sales cycle, an international reach and endless opportunity for growth.

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