Case Study

Optimizing La Canadienne’s Dynamic Product Ads with Adsmurai

Bloom x Adsmurai x LaCanadienne

To fill our desire to constantly find innovative ways to increase campaign performance, Bloom partnered with Adsmurai. Together, we streamlined product feed optimization and produced performance-driven dynamic ads on Facebook for La Canadienne, a women’s luxury fashion brand from Canada.


Dynamic Product Ads are an efficient way to drive conversions for an e-commerce store as it gives the ability to retarget a user with products they previously showed interest in. But, to have a real impact, this highly-personalized ad format relies on a well-structured product feed, which is often overlooked as it’s extremely time-consuming.


Bloom and Adsmurai collaborated to bring La Canadienne’s Dynamic Product Ads
to the next level and grow their Facebook catalogs sales. Adsmurai’s product feed optimization tool streamlined and automated updates and optimizations.

The result: La Canadienne’s return on ad spend (ROAS) grew by over 3x on their main broad Facebook audience in less than 6 months.

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