Case Study

“Bloom directly contributed to Goodfood’s overall growth.”

Introducing Goodfood

Goodfood believes that everybody deserves access to great quality, healthy food. And the best way to do that is to enable busy people to make excellent meals at home, easily.


Goodfood was in start-up mode. That meant they needed to maximize subscriptions. And they needed to do it fast.
We needed to…

  • Create PPC campaigns that drive serious results
  • Identify the gaps in the flow that caused the cancellations
  • Get a ton of signups


Goodfood needed PPC wizards.
And they came to the right place.

Here’s what we did:

  • Completely overhauled ad campaigns across Facebook, AdWords and Youtube
  • Provided the knowledge needed to increase user engagement and conversion
  • Introduced an advanced remarketing strategy, targeting highly-engaged users who were most likely to subscribe

The result: We worked our magic.

    Goodfood got:

  • Since taking over the campaign, Bloom has grown the monthly volume of signups from AdWords & Facebook Ads by 142%. Yup, you read that right. 142%
  • Deep insights into their conversion funnel, identifying the holes that let customers slip away
  • High-level technical expertise that let them patch those holes in the funnel

Jonathan Ferrari

CEO – Co-Founder

It’s a real pleasure to work with the Bloom team.

Their technical expertise goes beyond PPC — they have a solid understanding of all aspects of running a business.

This has directly contributed to Goodfood’s overall growth across the board.

How can we make your business bloom?


We generated:


increase in ecommerce revenue


increase in conversion rate; ad views goal reached in less than a week.


increase in the monthly volume of signups from AdWords & Facebook Ads