Case Study

We increased trial adoption by +675%

Meet Drivewyze

Drivewyze is a niche mobile app that helps truck drivers save time and money by legally bypassing weigh stations and mobile inspection sites. Pre-clearing trucks and providing alerts for nearby stations allows drivers to save time and fuel which in turn helps drivers save money and deliver their goods faster for a nominal subscription fee.


Increase user registrations after app downloads from paid search traffic.
The Drivewyze campaigns were generating sufficient impressions and clicks but less than expected trial registrations. In addition, limited budget meant Drivewyze was frequently missing out on traffic that could have driven more conversions.

  • Drivewyze’ paid search was driving traffic and downloads, but not converting to paying subscribers at a high enough rate
  • Using only broad match keywords was not producing the resuts they wanted
  • The campaigns and ad groups needed much tighter structure to avoid irrelevant clicks

Solution: Account Rebuild

Brand new campaigns and tracking to focus budget on qualified searchers, and making better use of lead data to connect through to actual sales.

We worked closely with the client to get to know their audience – truck drivers – to improve targeting and implemented lead to sale tracking. This allowed us to refine our targeting and budget strategies and in-turn, increase sales. Bloom rebuilt the campaign and ad group structures to focus budget on quality traffic thus lowering download and trial costs and driving more value within the available budget.

  • A new account, complete with new campaigns, ad groups, ad copy and tightly matched keywords
  • Advanced lead tracking based on sale rate after initial download
  • Improved account structure and tracking to manage budgets more effectively

Drivewyze is rolling ahead with new campaigns, and a community of subscribers who are thrilled about the service.

With Bloom’s help, they are now profitably reaching and helping more truckers save time and money.

The result: Trial registrations.675%

It’s safe to say we bypassed that cost-heavy, unqualified traffic!

Due to strategic restructuring lead quality immediately improved and trial registrations increased by over 675%

  • Deeper sales insights lead to a stronger ROI
  • 200% increase in app downloads
  • A significant increase in trial adoptions, over 675%

Sandra Bokovay

Mobile Marketing Specialist

What sets Bloom apart from other PPC companies is their ability to continually recommend improvements that drive results. Bloom has allowed us to leverage beta groups and new campaign types that we hadn’t accessed before, and their recommendations have allowed us to lower our costs per install while increasing conversions.

Additionally, improved our campaign tracking, allowing us to make better data driven decisions.

If you want to work with a company that’s innovative, responsive and results oriented, I’d absolutely recommend Bloom.

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