Case Study

+25% Increase in Conversion Rate With CRO and A/B Testing

Meet Cook it

Cook it’s mission is to reduce food waste and simplify the lives of Quebecers. The Montreal-based company offers a weekly subscription service offering easy, fresh and delicious meals. All transactions are made through their website where users can pick their subscription plans and choose their meals for the week.


Cook it is constantly looking for new ways to improve user experience and conversion rate on their website. To do so, our conversion rate experts needed to identify the pain points in the checkout process and find ways to fix them.

Solution: A/B Testing

To improve Cook it’s conversion rate, our CRO experts needed to find the element that was causing a high exit rate on the checkout page. After intensive research, we noticed the page might be missing some important information that stopped users from going down the funnel.

Our CRO experts made the hypothesis that the users were confused about when they would be able to choose their weekly meals in the buying process. With Google Optimize, we were able to add the simple sentence “Don’t worry, you’ll be able to select your menu for the current week in the next step” on the payment page to reassure users. This simple change had a major impact on Cook it’s conversion rate.

  • Create a solid A/B testing plan including our goals, objectives, hypothesis and research
  • Use Google Optimize to launch the A/B test
  • Craft a clear and concise message that would help the client in its buying journey
  • Run the A/B Test over one month
  • Analyze the result to see if the test had a significant impact on Cook it’s bottom line.

The result:
Our test led to a +25%
increase in conversion rate

This small modification led to additional sales
that represent ten of thousands of dollars for Cook it.

Laurence Gagnon-Beaudoin

Marketing and Client Experience Director

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We generated:


increase in ecommerce revenue


increase in conversion rate; ad views goal reached in less than a week.


increase in organic traffic in less than 6 months