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Search Volume Data in Google’s Keyword Tool? No You’re Not Dreaming!


Google AdWords / July 09, 2008

Search volume data in Google’s Keyword Tool? This is some cruel joke right? Nope, see for yourself:

Search Volume Data in Google Keyword Tool

Saying it’s really nice that the folks at Google have changed their minds and decided to give advertisers search volume estimates in the keyword tool is an understatement! This is definitely a feature that savvy search marketers will jump all over. Not only can you get the search volume estimates for a keyword, but you can even get them for each match type and here’s the kicker: search volume data on negative keywords.

Yes, you heard right! You can now get a more accurate picture of how much of a difference in search volume there is between an exact match keyword and a broad match keyword. But even more impressive is that you can now see how much irrelevant traffic individual negative keywords in combination with the keywords you’re looking up will eliminate. Now that’s powerful!

In keeping with Google’s mantra of making advertising as relevant to their users as possible, this is a feature that advertisers can directly benefit from. Not to mention that SEOs will most likely have a greater interest in the tool as well. That said, it seems like the celebration of this long awaited feature has already begun!

For further insights into how to make the most of this tool, check out the official Adwords blog. We’d love to hear what you think about this new feature, so be sure to leave us your thoughts and comments!

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