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No Landing Page? You Ain’t Gonna Sell.


CRO / July 11, 2014

Part 1/3 — Landing Pages

Let me start by telling you a story about Bob.

Today, Bob is looking for a new phone. He heads to the nearest mall in hopes of finding the perfect device for his needs.

Walking through the mall, he passes a bunch of mobile phone stores, one of which a savvy salesperson tells him about this great promotion on a Samsung phone. ‘Woah,’ thinks Bob, ‘this is perfect, plus it’s got all the bells and whistles I was looking for.’

“Sounds interesting,” says Bob, while trying to keep his excitement from showing, “could I see the device?”

“Of course,” says the salesperson while leading Bob inside “it’s in here, somewhere. But you’ll have to find it by yourself.”

The salesperson then walks away, leaving Bob, who was ready to buy, lost in a giant store.

Bob gets frustrated and leaves without buying anything.

Let’s take a look at what happened here.

This situation doesn’t seem likely in a brick and mortar setting — but guess what? It happens online all the time and it will happen to you if you don’t have a good landing page.

But hey, you already know the value of optimizing your bids, your keywords, your placements and your text & image ads. You’re hustling for the best CTR, the best quality score and the best CPC in hopes of getting that golden CPA.

Yet, all that’s in vain because you simply forgot about the last stage of your sales funnel. You know, that page that should show what you promised people in your ads? It’s the last thing that would have made your customer experience whole — like that friendly and competent rep that makes your life so much easier when you’re buying a new product.

And there you are, wondering why, after all those hours of optimizations, you still have no conversions. No sales. Nothing. Zip.

To make matters worse, you probably gave your competitor a free customer.

All that time you’ve spent perfecting your offering… for nothing?

Well, what did you expect? You asked for it. You ignored the heart and soul of your online marketing strategy — the landing page.

So what’s the verdict?

Get yourself a landing page, put into it as much thought, time and capital as you would towards any other stage of your search marketing campaign.

Make your customer experience seamless so they can buy your product as easily and as confidently as possible.


And what should you include on your landing page? Keep your eyes peeled for our next post in the series where we’ll share the key elements to get Bob and his friends to buy.

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