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How To Spot Creative Fatigue With Your Facebook & Instagram Ads


Analytics / October 18, 2018

Yes, creative fatigue or – creative burnout – is a real issue! It is probably affecting millions of advertisers every single day. Luckily, Facebook provides a great tool to help better understand what is going on with your audience and creatives.

When looking over your campaigns you may notice at a certain point that your performance of an amazing ad is starting to decline even though you’re generating the same number of impressions and you’re frequency hasn’t changed from the previous period.

This is when we would use the Audience Saturation data. It helps marketers determine if people have seen your ads multiple times and are no longer reacting to them. If your objective is to drive ad recall or brand awareness, this could be a good thing (although be careful of annoying your viewers), but if your objective is to drive conversions it will most definitely diminish your ad effectiveness.

It’s like trying to get a date with a girl using the same pick-up line. If she said no the first 3 times maybe you should try a different approach other than telling her you come with Free Shipping.

Discover the impact of your creative choice on your ad sets

These delivery insights provide marketers with the metrics that help us understand the impact creatives are having on our ad sets (audiences).

To access the audience saturation data you need to access the Delivery Insights.

How do you access delivery insights?

If your ad set has been running for at least 5 consecutive days and has at least 500 impressions, delivery insights will become available for that ad set. You can access it by ads manager and clicking “See Delivery Insights” under the delivery column.

You will see 4 main metrics.

  • Impressions
  • First Time Impression Ratio
  • Reach
  • Audience Reached Ratio

The metric you want to focus on for this exercise is First Time Impression Ratio. This will tell you your daily impressions that come from people seeing ads from your ad set for the first time.

When it comes to prospecting, you want to be above 75%. If it is below, it could mean people are simply not taking actions on your ad and ignoring it. Or, your audience segmentation could not be properly set up for filtering people down the purchasing path funnel (Which all e-comms should be doing).

Remarketing will typically be lower at around 30-50%. This is all dependant on your size of the audience, daily budget and creative turnovers.

We onboarded some new clients this year and noticed they had less than 5% on this ratio. No wonder they were not generating sales! Like I said before, if one approach doesn’t work, try something else and keep a tempo.

We’re happy to say we got them back on track with a new funnel strategy focused on personalized ad creative bucket listed targeting and exceeded their prior results by an outstanding amount.

Interested in learning more? Give us a call, we can help you!

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