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Bloom’s Weekly Picks – Feb 07, 2014


Uncategorized / February 07, 2014


Adwords - FunnelThe Superbowl is over and now it’s time to score a few touchdowns of your own. This week we’ve compiled a bunch of great reads, chalk-full of updates and strategies that will help you put your game plan into action. It’s game time!

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Google AdWords To Roll Out Flexible Conversion Counting, Says Goodbye To 1 Per-Click, Many-Per-Click

Simpler is better. At least that’s what Google is going for in an upcoming update to the labelling of conversions. Say hello to “Converted Clicks” and “Conversions” and say goodbye to Conversions (1-per-click) and Conversions (many-per-click). With the naming change comes some added flexibility of deciding which is the appropriate conversion type as this will apply to not only direct AdWords conversions, but also imported goals from Google Analytics. These changes will be taking effect this month so keep a lookout in your accounts.

YouTube will now periodically audit video views, removing fraudulent views ‘as new evidence comes to light’

With an increasing number of advertisers looking to video as a way to get their brand in front of potential customers, it comes as no surprise that YouTube is clamping down on those who are artificially inflating video views. Videos that quickly gain views after being published will be scrutinised more and the Google-owned company is also warning advertisers to be wary of ad agencies trying to sell fake views.

Are You Ready For The New Google Shopping Campaigns?


In an attempt to simplify Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns Google recently launched a new type of PLA campaigns called Google Shopping. Their goal is to make it easier for ecommerce advertisers to benefit from the advantages the PLA campaigns offer. We liked this post because it does a great job of outlining how to to make the most of this new campaign type.

3 Ways To Leverage Social PPC To Gain More Targeted Customers

This post does a great job of outlining some key ways to leverage the power of social PPC. You’ll find a bunch of pratical tips to supercharge your strategies and get you ahead of the competition.

Google Brings Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool To AdWords

Now advertisers can get a better idea of how their AdWords campaigns are part of their sales funnel. Google has recently introduced a new Attribution modeling tool that allows advertisers to go beyond the traditional last-click conversion model. And this in only the beginning as Google promises more attribution modeling tools will be released soon so stay tuned!


What about you? Have you read anything interesting this week?

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