7 Tips to Measure Your Lead Gen Campaign, Properly

by Fabrice Renucci

You think your PPC campaigns are super successful. You’re generating strong lead volume at a cost per acquisition below target. Management is happy but your sales team is not convinced. What is going wrong? You’re not sure which moving parts of your campaign are generating quality leads.

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Redesigning the Bloom office

by Martin Perron

We're working on a cool new project at Bloom: redesigning our work space! ATELIER_1064 We're excited to be working with the talented multi disciplinary design team at Atelier 1064 to redesign and redefine the Bloom office.

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AdWords For Appliance Repair Success

by Xurxo Vidal

After building and managing several appliance repair PPC campaigns over the last several years at Bloom, we’ve managed to gain a little experience under our tool belt in the space (pun intended). In this post, I’ll share with you, some of the best practices for building PPC campaigns that we’ve developed to help our appliance repair clients gain a competitive edge in their markets.

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No Landing Page? You Ain’t Gonna Sell.

by Pavel Okulov

Part 1/3 — Landing Pages Let me start by telling you a story about Bob. Today, Bob is looking for a new phone. He heads to the nearest mall in hopes of finding the perfect device for his needs. Walking through the mall, he passes a bunch of mobile phone stores, one of which a savvy salesperson tells him about this great promotion on a Samsung phone.

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Understanding AdWords Quality Score

by Xurxo Vidal

In the short video below, Google’s Chief Economist Hal Varian, walks us through the key factors that influence Quality Score and Ad Rank. Learn about the main components that will allow your ads to appear in a better position while you pay less per click.

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