Case Study

From Startup to Industry Leader

Introducing Smart Reno

Smart Reno is a leading marketplace helping homeowners find and compare trusted contractors for their home improvement projects. Over 30,000 projects are submitted on the platform per year, for an aggregate value of about $150M, distributed to a network of thousands of vetted contractors.


The main challenge on this account was scaling lead generation for a fast-paced startup completely disrupting the renovation space.

  • The Construction industry is a highly-competitive field.
  • Driving qualified traffic to the website and turn them into profitable leads


Smart Reno knew where they wanted to go, they just needed help getting there. In order to grow the number of homeowners using their platform as well as increasing the number of contractors offering their services, Smart Reno needed a strong PPC strategy where the ultimate goal was recruit qualified prospects through lead generation.

Here’s what we did:
  • Create, manage and optimize lead generation campaigns via Google Ads and Bing Ads targeting high-intent and relevant keywords
  • Restructure their advertising account to allocate the budget on the most profitable service categories
  • Expand their reach to national campaigns to grow their network of clients and contractors
  • Optimize for cost-per-acquisition, project value, and profitability to ensure Smart Reno got the best return on investment
  • Design a fully customized dashboard that provides real-time data to focus resources on the best performing campaigns
  • Launch hyper-targeted search advertising campaigns to engage with the right people, at the right time.
  • Aggressive optimization to maximize the use of different Google features. The PPC team also had the possibility to experiment with new innovations and tactics over the years.
  • Integrate audience lists and use remarketing for search ads to push users down the funnel
  • Create ad campaigns to recruit qualified contractors in order to scale up the business and grasp opportunities
  • Help with landing page optimization to maximize conversion, via A/B testing

The result: Smart Reno grew from a promising startup to an industry leader in a short amount of time.

Working with Bloom opened new markets for Smart Reno: increasing their reach to new territories fast-tracked their growth.

  • Through their +7 years working with Bloom, Smart Reno saw a 47% increase in qualified leads.
  • Conversion rate increased by 25%
  • A constant flow of new contractors signing up to use the platform (100 every month on average)

Andrei Uglar

CEO and Founder

“Our relationship with Bloom is based on teamwork through effective communications and idea sharing. Bloom adapted their methodology to our services in order to help us meet our business goals.”

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We generated:


increase in ecommerce revenue


increase in conversion rate; ad views goal reached in less than a week.


increase in the monthly volume of signups from AdWords & Facebook Ads