No Landing Page? You Ain’t Gonna Sell.

by Pavel Okulov

Part 1/3 — Landing Pages Let me start by telling you a story about Bob. Today, Bob is looking for a new phone. He heads to the nearest mall in hopes of finding the perfect device for his needs. Walking through the mall, he passes a bunch of mobile phone stores, one of which a savvy salesperson tells him about this great promotion on a Samsung phone.

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We’ve moved! Bye bye suite 480, hello sweet 489

by Martin Perron

We're excited to have completed our move into our new office this week. After a few years in our previous office, we started reaching the limit of team members we can add before turning the foosball table into someone's desk. We moved into a bigger space that will give our team a bit more room to keep delivering awesome SEM campaigns and give us a bit more room to grow.

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Hidden in Plain Sight – Advanced Mobile Targeting in Display Campaigns

by Xurxo Vidal

Anyone who manages AdWords campaigns regularly knows that Google rolled out a major update this past July called Enhanced Campaigns. You probably also know that you can no longer target mobile devices, tablets and desktop/laptop computers individually in separate campaigns. Nor can you target specific mobile and tablet operating systems, device models or specific mobile carriers.

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No Ma, I Don’t Work for Google

by Josh Kerr

My mother keeps asking me, “Josh what exactly do you do?” I’ll begin explaining it to her and after a few puzzled expressions, she’ll respond by saying: “So you work FOR Google?” No ma, I help businesses USE Google !

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Congrats to Frank & Oak!

by Martin Perron

It’s exciting to see a great team we’ve worked closely with for a few years get a huge vote of confidence. Frank & Oak just raised a Series A investment of $5 million led by Lightbank

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