The Bloom Methodology

Learn how we constantly give value to our clients.

There is No Success Without a Strong Preparation

Building stellar digital marketing tactics is a little bit art and a whole lot of science.
Every project we undertake rolls out according to the Bloom process — a proven methodology that we take very seriously, because it works.

How We Do It

The Bloom Process



Let’s talk about how your online business is doing.

What worked? What didn’t work? Where do you want to be in six months?



Our team breaks away to learn more about past campaigns, your brand, competitors and market.

We build keyword lists, and identify market niches.


Identify Objectives

Where do you want to go?

Together we’ll establish your campaign objectives, set benchmarks, and agree on key performance indicators.


ABX Meeting

Our teams work on an agile methodology that we call Action-Based Execution or “ABX”.

This methodology enables us to think outside the box and prioritize tactics based on Impact, Confidence and Ease. Learn more on ABX.


Launch and monitor

Prior to launch, our team tests all links and tracking.

Once your ads are live, we closely monitor and fine-tune based on conversion metrics.


Learn, optimize and scale

We watch your metrics, then learn and optimize around your objectives.

Based on results, we carefully scale your campaign over time. Regular reports and check-ins keep informed and involved.


Start over from step 4

There is no status quo at Bloom. We are constantly optimizing and auditing our client’s account to make sure we are delivering the best value.

ABX: Deliver the Best Value

The digital landscape has never been more complex, with things changing every day. It’s important to move and adjust quickly based on data and new technologies becoming available. That’s where our very own agile methodology, called Action-Based Execution or “ABX”, comes into play.

ABX is an action-based meeting where members of different departments (SEO, Strategy, Account Managers, Paid Media Specialists, etc.) brainstorm together to find the most efficient digital tactics for a particular client. This meeting is done on a regular basis which means that every period we’re adjusting our tactics and strategies based on what we’re learning while managing the account.
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Our Core Focus: Innovations

  • We’ve created a fully custom internal management platform to answer our specific needs
  • Our development team is constantly brainstorming new automation ideas to make our work, and our clients’ work easier
  • We use efficient processes and account audits to make sure nothing falls through the cracks
  • We take pride in building effective and performant partnerships with specialized companies focused on innovation such as Google, Bing, Facebook and OnCrawl

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